Broodstock Salmon Stocking

Reported by Bob Gregorski as received from Bill Hyatt,
DEP Director of Inland Fisheries

The following is a summary of the Atlantic salmon broodstock stocking for 2007
No salmon were stocked in December. Here is the breakdown.
Naugatuck River
10/15 Upper 25 (from Kensington)
Lower 25 (from Kensington)
10/17 Upper 85 (from Federal Hatchery)
Lower 85 (from Federal Hatchery)
11/08 Upper 50 (from Kensington)
Lower 50 (from Kensington)
11/13 Upper 50 (from Kensington)
Lower 50 (from Kensington)
11/16 Upper 40 (from Kensington)
Lower 40 (from Kensington)
Totals Upper River 250
Lower River 250

Eastern District
10/17 Crystal Lake 100 (from Federal Hatchery)
Beach Pond 100 (from Federal Hatchery)
11/14 Shetucket 101 (from Kensington)
11/21 Shetucket 120 (from Kensington)
11/28 Shetucket 72 (from Kensington)

Totals Shetucket 293
Crystal & Beach 200

Received Thursday 10/11/07 at 6:00 pm


• DEP will begin its annual stocking of surplus broodstock Atlantic salmon next week. Approximately 500 surplus broodstock Atlantic salmon (110 from DEP’s Kensington Hatchery and 400 from the White River National Fish Hatchery in Vermont) are scheduled to be released next week. These fish will range in size from 3 to 15 pounds each.

• Each year, surplus broodstock Atlantic salmon are stocked into the Naugatuck and Shetucket Rivers. However, flows in these two rivers are currently too low due to the ongoing drought. As it is not possible to hold these salmon at the hatchery until water levels improve (holding these fish at the hatchery would interfere with and endanger salmon spawning operations that are currently underway), next week’s salmon may instead be released into several lakes & ponds.

• Additional rainfall is predicted for this week, but, should flows in the Naugatuck and Shetucket Rivers not increase to levels considered sufficient by DEP biologists, next week’s salmon will instead be released into Beach Pond, Crystal Lake, Mt Tom Pond, Tyler Lake and Squantz Pond. Regulations for the broodstock salmon would be the same as for trout in these water bodies except for the daily creel limit, which will be one salmon per day. Staff will assess stream flows prior to making a final determination.

Received Friday 10/12/07 5:00 pm.

"Bob, we WILL be stocking both of the broodstock areas on the Naugatuck River. Flows look good. Flows are not good on the Shetucket. So ... In Eastern CT we'll be stocking Beach Pond (150 salmon) and Crystal Lake (100 salmon)."

Naugatuck-Pomperaug Chapter Trout Unlimited